Spartan Sports Park

A great enviornment for kids and families with top-notch turf fields, installed with the player's safety in mind!


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09/29/2014 - Fall Tourney Schedules are below:


2014 FALL SOFTBALL Tuesday

2014 FALL SOFTBALL Thrusday Composite

2014 FALL SOFTBALL Thrusday Non-Composite





08/20/2014 - Fall Schedules are now up. Please check your team's schedule weekly in case of any changes. Also, please check for double headers.


2014 FALL SOFTBALL schedule

2014 FALL VOLLEYBALL schedule



Fall 2014 League Champions:


Sun Softball Competitive Co-ed: Backdoor Sliders

Sun Softball Rec Co-ed: Down n Dirty

Sun Softball Men's B: The Capitals

Sun Softball Men's A: Precision AG Visions

Wed Softball: Nine inch Nails

Wed Volleyball Rec: Girth Quake

Wed Volleyball Competitive: Off Tonight

Fri Volleyball: Scheels



Spring 2014 League Champions:


Sunday Volleyball: Pretzels

Sunday Softball Co-ed Rec: Crushers

Sunday Softball Co-ed Competitive: Anytime Fitness

Sunday Softball Men's A: Show Me's/Balls Deep

Sunday Softball Men's B: Bunn

Senior's 60s Softball: Curve

Senior's 50s Softball: Mario's Pizzeria

Tuesday Volleyball Rec: Net Results

Tuesday Competitive Volleyball: Turn up

Tuesday Composite Softball: Gyros Stop

Wednesday Competitive Volleyball: Can you dig it?

Wednesday Composite Softball: Phoenix Collison

Wednesday Volleyball Rec: We dig Casual Sets

Wednesday Women's Softball: Get Dirty

Wed Non-Composite Softball: Buffalo Wild Wings

Thursday Competitive Volleyball: Kingtech

Thursday Volleyball Rec: Scheels

Thursday Non-composite Softball: KEB

Thursday Composite Softball: Harry's

Friday Volleyball: Happy Endings

Friday Co-Ed Softball: No Glove No Love




Below are the 2014 Rules for the upcoming season:

Season 2014 Softball Rules

Season 2014 Volleyball Rules