Spartan Sports Park

A great enviornment for kids and families with top-notch turf fields, installed with the player's safety in mind!


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11/12/2014 - Please check out the Father's Day 2015 Baseball tourney. Below is the entry form and the link to more info.


Father's Day Tourney Info

Father's Day Tourney Form


11/07/2014 - Thanks to everyone who came out to the park this year! We look forward to seeing you in the spring!



Fall 2014 League Champions:


Sun Softball Competitive Co-ed: Backdoor Sliders

Sun Softball Rec Co-ed: Down n Dirty

Sun Softball Men's B: The Capitals

Sun Softball Men's A: Precision AG Visions

Mon Volleyball - Poles n Holes

Mon Softball - Scheels

Wed Softball: Nine inch Nails

Wed Volleyball Rec: Girth Quake

Wed Volleyball Competitive: Off Tonight

Fri Volleyball: Scheels



Spring 2014 League Champions:


Sunday Volleyball: Pretzels

Sunday Softball Co-ed Rec: Crushers

Sunday Softball Co-ed Competitive: Anytime Fitness

Sunday Softball Men's A: Show Me's/Balls Deep

Sunday Softball Men's B: Bunn

Senior's 60s Softball: Curve

Senior's 50s Softball: Mario's Pizzeria

Tuesday Volleyball Rec: Net Results

Tuesday Competitive Volleyball: Turn up

Tuesday Composite Softball: Gyros Stop

Wednesday Competitive Volleyball: Can you dig it?

Wednesday Composite Softball: Phoenix Collison

Wednesday Volleyball Rec: We dig Casual Sets

Wednesday Women's Softball: Get Dirty

Wed Non-Composite Softball: Buffalo Wild Wings

Thursday Competitive Volleyball: Kingtech

Thursday Volleyball Rec: Scheels

Thursday Non-composite Softball: KEB

Thursday Composite Softball: Harry's

Friday Volleyball: Happy Endings

Friday Co-Ed Softball: No Glove No Love




Below are the 2014 Rules for the upcoming season:

Season 2014 Softball Rules

Season 2014 Volleyball Rules